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Fraggle (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2004 at 9:07pm
Current mood: Worn out
Music: According to Jim theme song
Subject: Whenever you call me, I'll be there..
I'm Really stressed out. I have my AP Exam tomorrow and then the history meap following that. To relieve some of my stress I plan on attending a High School Baseball game tomorrow evening. I'm hoping to have Bryan join me, we both like watching and playing baseball.

I'm currently sick. Sick and Tired. I'm sick physically. I have a sore throat that is scratchy and covered in mucus. My nose burns from the tissue being rubbed upon it every second of the day. AND I'm coughing. Do any of these symptoms sound familar Raych??

Anyways, as of right now. I have misplaced my Jewel "Pieces of You" CD. I had Kandy over and wanted to play her the song I learned so she could hear the lyrics... and I couldn't find the darn thing anyplace. Hopefully it will turn up, un-damaged.

Well, I am off to study for my major exam some more. It feels like I've been studying everynight for the past month even though it has only been a week.

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05-05-04 2:55pm

Yes. Im sorry for getting you sick. Just dont get me sick, because I dont need to be sick again. Im still not fully recovered from the last time or the time before that.. :( Im sorry..

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Re:, 05-05-04 3:34pm

It's alright. I think I am starting to get better anyways.

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