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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 5-6-2004 at :43am
to day was kinda hetic for me, my left eye hurt like a mother so all through english it looked like i was crying which i wasn't so i my mom picked me up and took me to the docteres and they had to check my eye out and shit, it was fine, something jsut got in there and i guess it got out. It's fine now, then i got chinse for lunch then went back to school, i kinda i guess wanted to go back to school because thats where my friends are. It's boring staying at home and shit. Besides i didn't get to steel kayas hat that moring so i had to go back. lol I think to day was the longest time i had kayas hat, i can out run him, it's fun playing keep away wit his hat, i don't think he gets mad at me, i hope he wont, i love that boi so much, and of cores all my other friends. When i went home to day my friend carmichael called andsaid he couldn't make it to my party, i was so sad, then he said we shouldn't really be friends any more cause he thinks im getting to involed wit him and think i might brake wit kiki for him, like thats going to happen, but then it all worked out in the end we were friends again, i guess he was just frustrated but i still love him. Kiki and i have become really close, kiki kinda wants to beat up kaya, because he heard kaya when i was on my cell phone, he's all like is that boi hurting you, he better not come to srm this friday, im like ummm kiki that guys like one of my best friends beat him up it's over. lol. O well kiki is goign away on the 13 and coming back on the 9 of june, damn 35 day damn, o well i have kaya guys to hang wit me and kaya i think have become pretty good friends, screw all the people who say i shouldn't flirt wit kaya and cheat on kiki, dudes its kaya my friends just because i flirt wit him, dosen't mean i want to brake wit kiki, god get a clue, o well fuck them. love you alls laters
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05-06-04 9:28pm

so what if i come to srm kiki is going to kick my ass. if thats so then i donno if i should hang out w/ u as much anymore then.

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Re:, 05-06-04 10:37pm

r u that afraid of kiki? as i said he hurts my freinds i brake his heart, my freinds mean so much more to me then kiki ever will, no worry butt muncher, kiki wont touch you, zachary might but he wont lol.

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