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sparkythefool (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2004 at 9:36pm
Subject: Oh my god, pictures.
I'm finally posting pictures from least, the ones I'm "allowed" to post. Whatever, like I care. Anyways. It's only been what, a month since spring break? Yeah, I'm a procrastinator. That's alright.

Warning: there are a heck of a lot of pictures here. If you have a slow computer, well, I'm sorry.

I guess we'll start off with some random signs and the like that can be found in Florida.

"A feast for your eyes! Free samples!" samples of what?

This is definitely one of the more professional billboards I've seen in a while.

The one good thing about Florida: low gas prices.

I thought this was another one of the ubiquitous "adult entertainment" places, but no. Just a Chinese food restaurant.

I was very confused as to the meaning of this sign.

Well at least they tell you.

I would like to know what chapter of the Bible I can find this in.

I love blatant grammatical errors, especially when they just happen to be in the name of your store.

And now, on to pictures that reside in the folder aptly named Other.

There's a story behind this picture. I was in the bathroom and I reached for some toilet paper..okay, you know how you have to pull on the toilet paper rather hard to get it to rip off? Well, I did just that, and the stupid cover on the toilet paper holder flies off and hits me in the face and goes bouncing across the floor of the stall. Needless to say, that was surprising. I had a bruise on my nose for about three days.

I wish I had a cat. Yep.

So xtuffx.

You can't really tell, but the breaded stuff is alligator. It tastes like chicken, honestly.

I really wanted to buy this, but it was forty dollars.

I love antique stores.

How could you resist a face like this?

Okay, you can't really see this..but it says that it's eighty-seven degrees in the house. I hate Florida.

Here's some pictures of people. This is so exciting, I know.

My sister is too emo for you.

We love the contrast.

This is what we do in our spare time.

Amusing only because my father is allergic to cats.

I'm running out of interesting captions.

The sign speaks for itself here.

Schnails! My great-grandmother was talking about snails and she made this face. I wanted her to make it again, but she wouldn't.

More schnails.

Where did all this hair come from?!

My father is quite the odd one.

I love how sexy my sister is.

I think she got scared of all the Bible-thumping Republicans.

I'm quite the evil one. Actually, I really like the look of this picture for some reason.

The next few pictures will be very odd.

If I recall correctly, I was..singing.

Yes, I am insane, thanks.

This is where I get it from.

My dad looks happy to be there..heh heh.

I really don't even know.

Look at me, I'm artistic!

Celia had this brilliant idea to take pictures while we were dancing or something.

In some of them, we actually look like we're dancing.

Others, not so much.

We are way hot.

Okay enough of these.

Now here's where I pretend that I'm a photographer and that I can actually take decent pictures.

For being taken inside a car that was going seventy miles an hour, this is pretty good.

Okay, I just got in this "argument" with my dad over whether or not I took this picture. He thinks I scanned it out of a magazine..pshh, whatever. I took it.

This would be good if not for the brightness near the top.

We went canoeing in search of alligators, so that's where the next few pictures came from.

Believe it or not, this is actually a reflection on the water, not the sky itself.

My dad thinks that I didn't take this picture either.

I hate it when they make food that looks too good to eat.

I'm awesome, I swear.

Gah, I hate taking pictures through windows because they always reflect something.

Only two more sections left, I promise. This one's long though..we went gator hunting, and I took pictures.

I promise I will not molest the gators.

This is a fish. He likes to swim.

I wish I could have gotten this guy from the front..he had this giant beard.

I really like this picture.

These are gator tracks..I thought they were interesting.

I was about five feet away from this thing when I took this picture.

Like I said before, I have this disorder where I think I'm a photographer.

Finally, here are some pictures from the plane ride home. There aren't many, I promise. Torture's almost over.

We got to fly on Song. The planes have colorful seats..I guess it's an attempt to make a stupid plane ride exciting. I don't know.

The walls are also cheerfully colorful.

Of course, right as we're about to taxi, a huge thunderstorm appears out of nowhere.

Even the outside of the plane is happy and bright.

This is another one of my favorite pictures.

Heh, it was so cool..they had free TV, movies, and music on the little panel on the seat in front of you. As is obvious, they also had in-flight statistics or something.

After about two hours, we finally started going. Some lady decided that she didn't want to fly in the rain, so we had to unload her and then spend half an hour finding her bag. That was fun.

Let's just say I was really bored.

Too bad it was too foggy to really see anything.

I'm liking the clouds.

That would be the freeways.

I thought this was neat for some reason.

Heh..all the flight attendants were wearing ears because it was Easter.

Oh my god we're done. That didn't take that long..
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05-10-04 1:40am

Okay. I was diggin' all the pictures right up until the last one. -ahem- AH.

Looks like fun! Interesting pictures, I laughed.

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Re:, 05-10-04 1:41am

And when I say I, I mean Melody.

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Re: Re:, 05-10-04 1:45am

That I figured.

About the last picture..let's just say that there were two male flight attendants also wearing ears. One of them was blatantly gay. It was amusing.

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05-10-04 11:03pm

youre so uber super wondertastic. bitchin pics as usual nanster


ps-your e-mail isnt working! lemme know where to send my reply e-mail soooooooon. :)

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Re:, 05-11-04 12:09am

Thanks, John. John = awesome.

That's weird, my email should be working..I got the email that told me you left a comment. Hmm. If it still isn't working, let me know.

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Re: Re:, 05-11-04 11:31am

it still wont work :' (

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Re: Re: Re:, 05-11-04 9:21pm

Email me here:

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