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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2004 at :01am
week has been hectic kiki and our relation has gone well, he's going away on the 13 so he'll come back on the 9th of june. carmichael is living on the 26 and coming back t the end of the summer. I really don't want a boi friend right now but i kinda do. Kaya is making me said, the only way he can do that is because he is sad. Damn you kaya don't be sad. Im unsure whats going to happen in the futer, im kinda confused. But i no kaya and nadia will help me though it. I love them so much
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05-11-04 3:25am

i am sorry for making you sad but i just am. and i will be until i get a girlfriend b/c i am lonely. i am sorry. do not be sad b/c of me. you have sumone so you should be happy and thankful so you don't end up like me...lonely and pathetic

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Re:, 05-11-04 1:14pm

kaya i love you so much, i am here for you plz don't be sad. U r not alone, me and nadia are always here for you. Im sry you feel that way

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