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stefoffanie (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2004 at 6:40pm
Current mood: Sleepy
Music: mest-rooftops
I just woke up yayy...i was very tired, I was suposed to go to some latin rythem club at school with ash-leigh but she didn't go cause we didn't have a ride home so we didn't go :(..whatever, dance isn't really my thing ne way art is :) :)...yeah so last weekend was pretty fun, well atleast friday night at the movies was.....but were not gonna get into that, then saturday me and ash-leigh hoplessly wodered what we would do all day. so we decided to walk to subway..cause were pimps and subway is cool, then my dizz-ad came and picked us up and we went to the mall for a little shopping...thats always fun. then we came home to my house and ashlie had to leave shortly after, then i demanded to my dad that he would let me go driving...and he was like no my back i was like wahh and i sat on the computer some more then a little while later he came out and was like ok lets go..i was sooo happy, he drove to prime time Video then i was liek can i drive now so he let me drive all the way to home depot in south Ft. Myers, then to the wall mart next to it, then when we were done at wally world he let me drive all the way was exciting concidering that i have only drove like 3 times before that and im not even 15 yet....woot......then sunday was mothers day...blah, church then brunch at Brixz, but then i got to drive home from :) im listening to Lost Prophets, Shnobi Vs. dragon and it reminds me of that hoobastanl and lost Prophets concert and the huge pit that opened up in this song it was soo fucking crazy, and those stupid ass preppy chicks that me and ashlie decide that we would..hmmm...*Mosh* with even though they werent even moshing but we decided that it would be fun to kick there ass's, lOts O fun ;)....Yes Indeed

yesterday i went to Rays house :). when i got there he gave me a shirt that he got me at the blink 182 and Taking Back Sunday concert he went to. its Bright green, My favorite color and it says Taking back sunday on it, i felt all special and stuff...

Im bored, i have a lot of home work to do...kinda and i have to go run so i think that will be all for now...oh yeah tomorrow im finally getting my hair colored for real, i even have an appointment..*!!!YAYY!!!*

Ok, bye everyone..

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05-12-04 10:17am

I bet you're hair is gonna look just as hot as you ;)

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Re:, 05-13-04 9:26pm

Stef. Penis. K.

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