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Blade-Of-Reason (profile) wrote,
on 5-14-2004 at 2:37pm
Current mood: depressed
The meeting was shite.Marina was like a totally different person.Everything i said she turned against me.It was horrible.It being in the school didn't help either.I just wanted to run away....i didn't though.

When we got home i went for a walk.I ended up at the bridge.For a split second i wanted to jump off.

I wanted to be free.
I wanted it to end.
I wanted them to leave me alone.
I wanted to disappear.
I wanted to die.

All I want is my freedom.Unchain my wings and let me fly.

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05-14-04 2:53pm

It's not worth death.

You're too important.

I'd hate for you to disappear, you've always been a great friend to me... and I'll always be here, okay?

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Re:, 05-14-04 3:14pm

Thank you that means alot.:)

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