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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2004 at 10:17pm
Current mood: optimistic
Music: Aliene Ma'raige- Deadly Sin
Subject: ...This band is
The band Aliene Ma'riage is too awesome. -Points to his icons- That's the bassist. @__@; His names Ray, he's a Taurus! ^^ ...He also hates carrots. But, before I start to sound like an obsessed fan-boy (-hides the pictures of Ray...>>;;- ). If you want a mp3 of a song by 'em, just e-mail me, m'kay? ^^ I'm always happeh to spread the joy of j-rock.

....Wellll, I got into a rather bloody (really. o.o) battle with office supplies today. First, I busted a pack of tacks and ended up with three of them in my skin. Then, I stapled a picture to my hand twice. No folks, not once. But, TWICE.

Why yes, I know I'm a dumb-ass. T.T

I have battle scars from a particularly gruesome fight with the scissors. >>; Those scissors were like bloody butcher knives. I swear it! -Cowers in fear of the chopping blades of death- I now have band-aids on each finger and am deathly afraid of office supplies.

Whee~ I'm a freak! ^__^ -Beams-

Well, I really don't have anything important to say but this...RAVE ON!

-Hands out multi colored glow-sticks, ring-pops, kandi necklaces, and blow-pops...not to mention techno CDs-

Glowstick wishes and ring-pop dreams,
-Adrian <3
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05-19-04 11:12pm

What ever happened to my picture? -pouts-

I'm starting to think you don't care about me!

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05-22-04 2:19am

Wee! -takes them and attempts to... rave...- o.o

Poor fingers, hope they get better! XD Silly you!

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