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VampiressHollyMarie (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2004 at 11:56pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: Dont Tell Me- Avril Lavigne
Subject: Bad
I've had a bad week. I dont want to talk about it because no I just dont. I'm talking to Brandi right now and I just left a really long comment in Kelly's journal.. I hate commenting... but I like reading comments.. I wish I had friends that I could confide in and then they would comment.. But alas.. none of them know and I hate myself for it.

I really really hate who I am, but whats more.. I hate my 'no-longer-sister' for blaming me.

I'm not talking to her ever again.

Unless I have to.

To me she is a stranger. She doesnt understand people. At all, ever.

She is sooooo ignorant and mean to all her friends and she wonders why none of them ever call.

She doesnt deserve the friends she has.

I'm done bitching about her now, because I am not her and I'm not going to sit here and bitch and whine about things that I brought upon myself.

But okay...

Today in Algebra mah teacher (we'll call her Mrs. YellowMarker) was all like "Becca, are you okay? You seem... less happy" or something to that effect... and I was all "Mrs. YellowMarker... I'm never happy," then she was all like "Yeah you are..." and I was all like -rolls eyes and walks away debating weater or not to tell her that I wear fake enthusiasm well, then decided not to when the bell rang-

So yeah, Mrs. YellowMarker was all concerned. I'm touched...

Tomorrow I have to read my short story on the Titanic to the class.. its like 11 pages long... so yeah.. I'm gonna go to bed now.. and stuff... no.

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becca, 05-22-04 1:13pm

yes i will have a lesbian orgy with you u dont have to ask derrrr

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Re: becca, 05-22-04 1:15pm


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