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irishidiot (profile) wrote,
on 5-20-2004 at 12:35am
Current mood: amused
Music: Pale New Dawn-Dreams in Romance
"Domo arigato Mr. Roboto,
DOMO!!! ::boop boop::
DOMO!!! ::boop boop::"

AH! I love it. Boop.

Haha, I find it funny when my dog walks right toward me, and then at the last second, turns away. What.

Today was, um, Wednesday. Or else...

Starts off as a regular day, only the classes are shorter because of a ground-breaking ceremony after school (our school is getting rebuilt). I had to sing at that. We sang Irving Berlin's America and the Star Spangled Banner. We sounded good, duh. Then after that I went home, ate a taco, and halfway through my taco, my driving instructor came for my drivers training, so I munched it down as I was running out the door and hopped in the back of the Mustang. The girl that was driving us back to the driving school was hot. Um. And I had taco breath, shit.

So it was my turn to drive and I did good. Drove around Canyon Country and a little of my home town. Um, Saugus. Not Glendale. The driving instructor said I did really well in the second hour, because in the first I didn't know how to drive (like she wanted me to at least). So now my permit is activated. Cool. And I already have my own car.

Sunday, I'm back-tracking.

San Diego. Went to San Diego for a concert. I thought we sounded like crap. Well, on Wade in de Water at least. We had to start over. Jeez. My voice was shot by the end of the night, since we had to sing at a rehearsal, perform with my choir, and then perform with the mass choir (San Diego and ours). I hate being first Tenor. 2nd Tenor Pride!

On the way home, Dave and I bonded. It was cool. Many inside jokes..

I'm soooo busy until the end of the year. Stupid choir banquet.

AGHHHH!!! THERE'S A SPIDER ON MY ARM!!!!!!!!!! Jeez, I hate spiders. Love Spiderman. Hate spiders.

Well, I'm done. OR ELSE!!!
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05-21-04 4:31pm

good song.. and driving.. mmmm... freedom at its.... well i take that back... trafic laws... without them, we would all be killed by ppl that cant drive.. (i dont mean newcomers, i mean the idiots that make left turns in front of u, the ones that change laines when u are RIGHT THERE!!, and the ones that try to end right turns in the number 1 lane when u are in the number one lane...) yah... watch out for them...

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05-25-04 10:28pm

Yay for chorus. I'm in it too, I don't kn ow I stumbled upon your journal...saw that you were in chorus and I had to say something. Death to spiders.


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Re:, 05-27-04 11:17pm

Yeah! Choir peeps rock.

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