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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2004 at 2:35am
Im kinda sad right now, i just broke with kaya, it's not him, or my friends telling me to brake with him or carmichael, or kamaie it's me and my trip to alaska i have to go to alaska for this youth exstange i really kinda don't want to go but my people already payed for it. I can't stand to be a way from my bf for more then like 3 weeks thats how long i think i will be gone. Even if it wasn't kaya i was going out with i would still just ask to be freinds with him, to be honest perfectly honest i can't trust my self i truly can't. I am a major flirt and i can't really control it, only if my bf is with me. Im sry kaya if i have hurt you in anyway im really sry but plz understand that it had nothing to do with anyone but me, i made the mistake by wanting to go out with you befor my trip but you said your self you were lonely and depressed i thought if you might wanted to go out then you would be more happy, and it did make you happy, and i truly liked you really i did, but for lets just be friends really good friends i love you soo much kaya just i need time. sry
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