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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2004 at 11:28pm
Subject: if you pick neither.. then what's your opinion? *(Make sure you choose your choice and THEN click vote.)

What is the opposite of love?





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Indifference = Apathy, 05-25-04 2:48pm

You've seen it in the away message...apathy (indifference) is clearly the opposite of Love

I believe Hate cares to much be to the complete opposite of Love...and that someone is closer to Loving someone they Hate then someone they have no feelings for completely. If you have enough care to Hate, you have enough care to Love...besides much of the "hate" in my life came from the fact that Love was so much it hurt...and that's how I reacted at the time.

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Re: Indifference = Apathy, 05-25-04 2:49pm

...cares too much to be the complete opposite...*

oops, heh

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Re: Re: Indifference = Apathy, 06-01-04 12:48am

i agree that indifference rather than hate is the opposite of love. The reasoning given by the person who asked ME that, was simply because love and hate are both passionate, and indifference is obviously a lack of. in a way, it relates to what you said, yet in less poetic (for lack of better word) terms.

full out Apathy, or 'staleness' even, is a pretty scary thing, especially when all you want is to know Love... you'll find, if ever at that point (of apathy), that any emotion at all is preferable.

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