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Randomperson (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2004 at 3:47pm
Music: "reptilia" ~ The Strokes
Subject: "Mop Tops are happy when they feed you..." ~ "Can't Stop" RHCP
My mop (or semi-mop) has been cut.

It's kind of a sad day.

It'll take me till probably 4th of July to get it all the way back out... It grows really fast for 2 weeks after its cut, then it like stops growing, but then at about 5 weeks my bangs and the back of my head start to creep out longer, and soon it's like I have a Charleston plus the workings of one of those 90's-white-trash-tails growing in a thin strand down my neck onto my shoulder blades...

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05-23-04 12:14am

hahaha...all you need after that is a farmer's tan and you'll be set.

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Re:, 05-23-04 5:49pm

oh, i can do farmer's tan

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