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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 5-25-2004 at 1:16am
i really hate my self, i hate everything about me, i hate me i want to die, it's all my falt, it's all my falt, y me? y dose this always happen to me, it's all my falt, i can't take it back i can't take it back, i want to take everything back, i can't take it back, i hate my self i want to die, im so confused about my life, i am so confused, y me, this is to much, i want my friends, were are they, i can't see them, there not here, where are they i can't see strate, all there i see is black, i can't see, im confused, im alone, i hate being alone, but maybe i should, i don't want to hurt anyone anymore, im so confused, whats going to happen to me, i can't cut my self anymore, to many scars no more blood, starvation is the key, maybe that will help me nothing can fill the hole in my stomok so y bother eating, i want my life back, i want kaya back, i want kiki back i don't want carmichael to hate me, but how? this is all to much im so depressed and lost i can't breath, it's so hard to think. my heart is being torn, stop it get out of my head, go away i can't take it anymore, no more lies no more, just make it go away plz, just leave me alone, it's all my falt, it's all my falt, i can't take it back, it's all my falt. Im alone, no one is near me, no one can here me cry, i need my friends. why is this happening plz some one help me, i am so confused i want to be in kayas arms but he dose not love me anymore, i know y, it's all my falt, i want to die, carmicheal, im sry, im sry kiki, im sry kaya. Im so confused, kaya help me, just help me kaya plz tell me thing everything is going to be alright, im falling apart, im hurting so much inside, u cant under stand how much this hurts, my head it hurts, my heart it's torn, my eyes there filled with salt water tears, my arm hurts my stumock is growling, it's al to much, i want to curl in t a ball just to make everything go away, some one help me, im lost, im confsued....... and for once in my life........... im scared!!! im scared, i can't take it anymore. I need to eat somthing but y bother, it wont help me, i need to see my blood, but y bother cutting? it only causes pain, y me, i can't stand it anymore. DAMIT..... im so confused where am i, who am i, what have i done? it's all my falt, it's all my falt, nothing i can do to change the past, it's all my falt!!!!!!!
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05-25-04 2:53am

WHOA!! chill out. its o.k. go out w/ carmicheal. i can't change what i feel but i can be a friend and help you though. its not your fault. it was for the better and i think it was a good decision. it takes a very strong and smart person to do that even when they don't want to but know it is for the better. whoa. talk to nadia. she can help you. talk to you later. love you. bye

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Re:, 05-25-04 4:04am

i don't want to go out with carmichael i don't want to hurt you any longer. Kaya u don't understand, but i wish you would...

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