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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 5-25-2004 at 2:05pm
Current mood: Tired
Music: Mix Cd
so here i am in KIC with Kristin and shes bumpin the jams on my cd player..she especially prefers "i hate everthing about you" by three days grace cuz i take it, it reminds her of her ex-bf joel hilfiker....but ne who...i have had like three subs today and it had been pretty just lunchin..wanting to go home and things..i have a sub for KIC and she aint doing shit...and i have a concert today..damn..i bearly have my music not nervous or ne thing..its just that im too lazy to go ..i have shit to do and we went to eat at turning point today with harminee and it was super..she showed up a lil late..and then we had to ditch her and leave her there..i felt kinda bad but she'll get over it eventually..then we were hauling ass back to school in order for not to be ne out...class is almost over..
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