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justanotherface (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2004 at 3:11pm
Hey everyone look aparently I'm selfcentered and pathetic....wait till you hear why. I am trying to help a friend realize that he boyfriend is a piece of shit. And that her life does not revovle around him. And may I not forget to bring up that fact that she fuckin agreed with everything. Oh well, now I know where my place is. And now I know that ten years in a friendship really does ammount to nothing. But its okay. How can I talk to her boyfriend when he wants nothing to do with me? But thats okay to cuz I'm not the one in a fuckin relationship where you can't fuckin have an intelligent conversation. I'm not in a relationship with a guy who only showers when she tells him to. And from the looks of it. My longdistance. Over the phone relationship, is better than her is right now with this fuck up. So its all good. I now that I have better. And I'm sorry for trying to make my friend of ten years realize that she is with someone who doesn't deserve her and that she can get better. I'm done.
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06-01-04 8:12pm

Sorry about the situation...who is the band singing with Amy in your journal?

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