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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 6-1-2004 at 2:54pm
Subject: hehe

hello woohu, long time no see.
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06-01-04 3:50pm

lol when DO we get the lovely news about those AP tests...

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06-01-04 3:52pm

oh man liz. i love it, it is so....US

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06-01-04 5:12pm

that's good. i love it, and jess we get that lovely news in july.

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06-01-04 6:28pm

hehe, well looks like ill be getting some tickets. heh

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07-07-04 2:05pm

hmm well I have stumbled 'pon your journal and I was looking at the pictures that you have posted on here towards the bottom and I realized that I knew two of the girls in your photo. Both of them go to my school, one of them was in life with mother superior with me (a play we did at atlantic). I don't know it's sorta fun when you look on someones journal and you know them...or at least their friends. Well toodles!


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Re:, 07-11-04 8:46pm

yea i go to atl too.

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