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PRiNcESsJuLiA186 (profile) wrote,
on 6-1-2004 at 11:23pm
Current mood: bored
Subject: And now I see what I really am: a thief, a whore, and a liar.
Okay, I'm serious this time. I'm gonna stop writing in this for once and for good. Okay...maybe not. I might just delete everything cuz I love how easy it is to use woohu. Anyhoo, I'm not writing in it since I am leaving for Cali on June 12. So, bye!~

x0` julz

P.S. Much love to Rie and Ryann for being there for me and listening to me and stuff, love you so much! <333
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07-01-04 8:47pm

You are so not a wishful thinker! You tinker! bal!

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