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-glassxroses- (profile) wrote,
on 6-2-2004 at 11:21pm
Music: catch22
Subject: i want to paint this... all of this that im feeling RIGHT NOW.
-last night was spent on the phone talking and playing with the one person that misses me as much as i miss him.
-i don't like it when you make me want to cry by not talking to me. i don't like it that you couldn't look at me that night. i dont like the drama and i just want to be near you again. to have you hug me again, like you used to. i want to dance with you in the hallways again. you always made me smile. i miss you.
-i dont like it when you degrade me and make me feel like a whore, even if it's true. i don't like it when you tell me i said things i never did... or when you say that i hit or hurt you. i like it when we lie in your room, and i can sleep next to you, and cry next to you, because you are like home to me. you make me think of how it used to be. do you remember that? i miss you.
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i miss you too, 06-03-04 6:04am


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