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kangabunny (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2004 at 1:59pm
Current mood: thoughtful
Music: Blue-A Perfect Circle
Subject: such a perfect color for you
Sun is shining, catching rays. Squee.
I think I have an art lesson with Shelley today :]. Joy.

I'm writing another story. It's called "The Poet and The Summer Girl." So far, that is. Eee.

I used to dislike APC. Now I don't. Strange.. typical. Glarp.

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06-05-04 1:17am


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<3, 06-10-04 7:08pm

I love you like the Byrds love Mr. Tambourine Man.

Which is a lot.. 'cause they sang about then and trusted him enough to get high with him. o.o;

Anyways, luvvles

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Re: <3, 06-10-04 8:07pm

Who are you?
I love you o.o

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