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Randomperson (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2004 at 6:23pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: "Fields of Gold" ~ Sting
Sorry for the lack of updates... It's been shitty having no woohu access at school.

It's been a weird end of school this year. Some seniors that left this year have been staples in my life for year or more, including Pat, Mike, Melissa, Katie, Alexa, and of course two of the most profound people I have ever known, Justin and Scott (Not just sucking up because you are the only two people left in the world who read this thing. I'm serious) Last year's Senior class... they were acquaintences to my lowly frosh self, but even the leaving of Julie, Erin, Jon, Megan, Trey, and others was a loss. This year, more and more it's hitting me... It's just that I thrive on the prescence of others.

It's been a part of me since I was young... Imagine moving halfway across of the country, and never talking to your friends again. Sure, I was in fourth grade, but you gotta wonder how they are now, whose doing well, whose lives have gone on a turn for the worse, who's with whom, who's moved away... My friends, both from my original class and the class I was moved up into the year before I left, It's not that often that I don't think about them and how they turned out. I miss Pittsfield, even though the town was going downhill from the day we left, with the PCB scandal, a rising unemployment rate, and much more... I miss the town, I miss my house (56 Concord Pkwy, Pittsfield, MA), and even though the few people I've divulged this to say, "You were young then, friendships then are easy to end without much pain. If you had moved in Middle School it would have been harder" I still think how my life, my experiences, my friends might have been different if I were still there.

Danny DeMarco, Eric Girard, Blake Davis, Collin O' Brien, Kathryn Wojyk, Cameron Kreuzel, Ben Bianchi, Kris and Kyle Mcgargle, yes I have trouble with spelling... oh, shit, I can't remember anyone else's names...

Any of you, if you happen to read this, I want to talk to you again. Remember me, Andrew, the kid who moved away when you guys were still at Sacred Heart? It's me.
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06-03-04 11:23pm

I know exactly what you're saying, what having moved after 5th grade myself and having to experience seniors leaving last year. Sophomore year is a little early for it to be hitting you though. I'd tell you to wait for next year, but then again, the class of 2005 isn't as amazing as the class of 2004, is it?

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Re:, 06-04-04 4:58pm

no, i've got very few friends in 04. Greg, Sean, Bryant, Jon, and a few acquaintences.

No, my friends are in '04.

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