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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 6-4-2004 at 4:18pm
Some random quotes and short conversations that were said..(continued from the last time I posted quotes: 4-10-2004).

Brad's having sex with a deer -Kelly Metzger

He's dumb in the not dumb kinda way -Stacy

I'm gonna stick my wood in your pooper -Brad Blair

Box means vagina so I'm gonna call him gina! -Joe

That cop wanted my hot sex -Joe

If you were bald, I wouldn't talk to you -Stacy

I hate her, because she's really hot -Kate Shelton

Lets have sex really quick -Kelly Metzger

She was always a bitch, she just went dormant for awhile -Mitch Armstrong

They were playing black people music -Joe

I'm on drugs, so it's ok -Raych

Maybe as I get older I will be less ugly -Lisa Leonard
Probably not -Stacy

Have you ever seen a duck with a lot of junk? -Denee' Millering

I got slapped with the ugly stick -Mr.Reyburn

It's not my fault you're a dirty beaner -Mitch Armstrong
He's right, that's Gods fault -Stacy

It's a bean! -Kaylen Merlington
A -Mitch Armstrong

You smell like man -Jenny R

Hey stacy...wanna make out? -Erika Childs

Hitler was a panzy -Brenton

I bet I've got his whole head to myself -Kate Shelton

What do you want for christmas kate? -James Golden
Staaacy -Kate Shelton

The carbon monoxide alarm went off so I stayed in the house -Brenton

Jesus is a lesbian -Michelle Fraser

How's your naked mom doing? -Joe

No frontal probing! -Mr.Andrus

Stop innapropriately touching eachother -Mr.Andrus

I bet my ancestors were nazis -Brenton

Greg is a pile of grumpy horse shit -Ben Birk

Stacy.. want to get married? -Mitch Armstong
Yeah! Wait.. to you? No. -Stacy

My wife and I came up with a solution to our problems..she hits me -Mr.Cooper

If a guy is nice to a girl what does that mean? -Denee' Millering
He doesn't like you -Mr.Cooper

I'm sorry if this cramps your style, but you're gonna have to be..cramped -Mr.Andrus

..yeah because a big marshmallow is so scary -Phil Hoskins

Remember when we came up with that really cool word, then found out it was already a word? that sucked -Stacy

She's so..boobie -Denee' Millering

They taste like dirty nazis - Matt W

I have stolen so many things..if I was gonna get caught it would have already happened -Stacy

Stop making me horny -Tony Wiers

Well, I can't call it stealing when it shoulda been free -Michelle Fraser

You let the coldness in my pants -Kate Shelton

I'm gonna castrate him with my own hands! -Denee' Millering

Shut up you Iraqi slut -Brenton

You elbowed by penis -Dylan Ross

Help us lick Breast Cancer away -Matt W

Lets have cyber sex! -Becky Visser

I had poo on my! like pooh bear! -Kate Shelton

I'm gonna light her boobs on fire -Denee' Millering

Nipples..what? -Emily Rowe

Breast cancer is awesome! -Matt W

You're a arab banger! -Brenton

Oh my God, I can't see Jesus -Mitch Armstrong's like stuff that was free yesterday -Mr.Andrus

How do you know so much about herpes? -Amanda something

What's camel toe..does that mean I have a big toe? -stupid girl in 6th hour

Phil kissed me on the cheek -Mitch Armstrong
Was he drunk? -Stacy

..yeah because applying poop is so difficult -James Golden

Makes me want to bang you like a fucking drum -Mitch Armstrong

Don't be a fool, know your trees! -James Golden

I wake up every morning, saying "damnit, I'm alive." -Brenton

Oh penises? I love them -Denee' Millering

I ran over two gay guys on a motor bike -Phil-Himself

Go tell your mom I masturbated with your arm -Matt W

Time to hog tie some boobs! -Denee' Millering

Mitch's assholeness is not a reason to punish everyone -Phil-Himself

Anyone want my pickle? -Phil-Himself

Do you have a bus? -Kate Shelton

That's what hippies do..walk around and fondle people -Jay Ruster

Mr. Reyburn was mad at Stacy because she wouldn't touch his vagina -Phil-Himself

Don't make me whine, because I'll start whining -Chris Best

When I say mean things I don't mean them, because I'm not Mitch -Phil-Himself

I need insulin for my leukemia -Ian

The only thing Phil and I have in common is that we occasionally crank one out -Mitch Armstrong

Damn curb niggers -Matt W

Here comes cyclopes, lets trip her! -Matt W

Bull crap, shut your trap -Brad Blair

If my dad called me easy I'd be like "yeah I did mom last night." -Jay Ruster

Niggers! -Jay Ruster
Umm..they're white -Matt W

Paint my face white, I wanna look like a clown -Jay Ruster

A soggy biscuit on her face -Jay Ruster

ihop ith goo -Kate Shelton

There are tampons everywhere..all over my face! -Matt W

Yaaay, pot leaves! -Kate Shelton

Shhh.. Mrs.Sassypants has something to say -Matt W

Why are you home late? -My mother
Because.. I didn't get here on time.. -Stacy

I'm such a non-confomist I'm not going to drive on the road -Matt W

I'm gonna stick my foot up your bum hole -Brad Blair

He is such a gay faggot! -Kate Shelton

You are such a giant piece of shit -Stacy

Fuck you, you mother fucking sun, I hope you fucking explode, mother fucker -Jay Ruster

You don't look gay, you faggot -James Golden

The world would be a better place if my dad would have used a condom -Ben Birk

Crash into corn fields, those are fine -Mr. Relich

It looks like you gave a pixie a blow job -Ben Birk

Hey Ben what do you look like when you get out of the shower.. I mean your hair! -Neilee Metzger

The only light you see is your big white ass because your head is shoved so far up it -Phil-Himself
Wait, if my head was shoved up my ass, how would I be able to see it? -Mitch Armstrong
Because you have an ass inside of your ass and that is the ass that you are looking at -Phil-Himself

Most of us don't have three feet -Mr. Relich

Did you see that warning sign? -Mr. Bamford
Yeah.. -Phil-Himself
Don't lie to me -Mr.Bamford
Sorry.. I was thinking about jazz -Phil-Himself

Oh God.. I have a bunch of negative nancies in my car! -Matt W

We're naked and lathering lotion all over ourselves, saying.. "Stacy, Stacy" -Erika Childs

Damn, fucking -Kate Shelton

Stacy, I'm gonna kick you in the balls -Matt W

I'm gonna be nice and not tell you how stupid you are -James Golden

Come here get on your knees, come closer.. no not with your face -Matt W

You are rubbing my balls on your face -James Golden

Don't worry I can give you all butt sex -James Golden

I don't like nipples -Kate Shelton

Speaking of penises.. I'm hungry -James Golden

Uh oh.. we got a grumpy gus -Ben Birk

My finger was in your ass, but it happened so fast you didn't notice -James Golden's a picture of a man hanging himself! -Nolan Davis

Will you go roll in granola? - Kaylen Merlington
Only after you dip me in honey -Neilee Metzger

Oh great.. now I have to go put my lips on some dummy -Stacy

..which increases your weiner size -James Golden
I need that, mines a little below average -Stacy

She stabbed me in the face, with a dorito -Ben Birk

Am I ever gonna be a beautiful princess? -James Golden

I can stick my penis in your pooper -James Golden

Stacy..they were making fun of me! -Becky Visser
About what? -Stacy small my penis is -Becky Visser

We all have breasticles -Erika Childs

Lets go run around naked in the rain -Erika Childs

You'll be as dead as a dirty penguin vagina -Michelle Fraser

You have only let me see your penis like three times -Becky Visser

That makes me all hot just thinking about it -Jay Ruster

I only had one ball, until I was five, I got surgery then bloop! There was the other one -Jeff Warner

No one wants fruit roll-up from my crack -Brad Blair

I apologize for the boner I may or may not be getting -James Golden

Her head reminds me of chocolate cake -Kate Shelton

Do you believe in marshmallows? -Kate Shelton

I took it because I thought it would be more usefull with all the new beaners around -Kate Shelton

Did you just hit me in the face with a spiral noodle? - Kate Shelton

What do you think..would a doctor suess hat go with the khaki pants? -Courtany Lallo

How would you like it if I talked about my cock all the time? -Stacy

Your windows are all fogged up, we need to stop having sex. - Kate Shelton

My legs hurt, we still need to stop having sex -Kate Shelton

Why do drive in atms have brail on them? Blind people can't drive -Courtany Lallo
Yeah..they have this sign at Big Boy that says "brail menus available" it's not like they can read it -Stacy
One of these days we're going to have to organize a blind riot! -Courtany Lallo

So you're gonna let me seduce you? -Kate Shelton

Taco Bell is a laxative -Courtany Lallo

Well this cell phone is like ninety years old -Michelle Fraser
It is not nine years old Michelle! -Michelles Father
I said ninety! -Michelle Fraser

*seniors run by and yell "Seniors Rule" on senior prank day* Thirteen years of school and that's the best they could come up with -Mr. Andrus

Did you see the crazy indian? -Brad Blair

Are you really color blind? -Katie Baird I say I'm color blind to be cool -Ben Birk

Tienes pompis grande. -Kate Shelton
What's that mean? -Stacy
You have a big butt! -Kate Shelton

It was like standing under a guys limp dick -Stacy

I'd beat you down with a broomhandle..but it's caught in my pants -James Golden

How could you guys see the movie? You sat so far away -Michelles Mother
Oh I don't know mom, it's not like we were in chairs facing a GIANT screen! -Michelle Fraser

What are you good for Stacy? I can't make out with you and you won't help me cheat on my homework -Mitch Armstrong

She called him "penis breath!" -Katie Baird

If I wasn't being cremated, I'd want everyone to throw chocolate milk mix into my casket at my funeral -Kate Shelton

Kaylen, your boob reminds me of a story -Neilee Metzger
Which one? -Kaylen Merlington
The right one! -Neilee Metzger

I wonder if the guys who started the Klu Klux Klan's name was Klu Klux -Nolan Davis

Hey Kate! -Stacy
Whaaat? -Kate Shelton
You smell like crap! -Stacy

Stop being so hot -Tony Wiers

If I wasn't me, I'd kick the shit out of me -Ben Birk

You are my favorite lesbian -Matt W

Damn kids, and their hippity hop music! -Matt W

I don't like..fat people hands -Kate Shelton

I bet it's a penis -Stacy

Wanna make out in the closet? -Phil-Himself

Is that a boy or a girl? I mean.. it looks kinda like a boy because it's ugly -Kate Shelton

Dude.. he just pointed at us with a hot dog -Stacy

Can I have your left nut? -Kaylen Merlington

Can I drop an egg plant on your head? -Kaylen Merlington

Your cooter is adorable -Kate Shelton

I look like a little amish boy that hasn't hit puberty -Denee' Millering

He can't control his bowel movements so he comes out of his room with crap on his pants -Denee' Millering

At the scolosis screening they told me to take off my shirt, and I was like "Whoa we just met" -Ben Birk

I'd laugh my balls off -Ben Birk

I love penises -Stacy

Rub my leg..ok now rub lower.. -Erika Childs

Quit discriminating against those hens, all you do is talk about the cock! -Phil-Himself

If we wanted to make out, you'd need a booster chair -Mitch Armstrong
Good thing I'm not interested -Stacy

Would you like to touch my ovary? -Erika Childs

Can I flash you with my vagina? -Erika Childs

If you could hover would you hover in school? -Kaylen Merlington

That's full flesh on tile action -Erika Childs

Yeah..I like curves -Mr.Cooper

It felt akward and was on a stick -Michelle Fraser

When I think of penises I think of James -Michelle Fraser

We're not cousins, that means we can fuck -Brandon Haney

Who's that man wearing a dress? -Mitch Armstrong
Mitch.. that's a girl -Stacy

Remember that time when I was at you with the mall? -Stacy

Are you jacking off with my boobs? -Kaylen Merlington

I was thinking.. -Michelle Fraser
Oh, something to add to 'firsts' in Michelles baby book -James Golden

How do lesbians have safe sex? -Erika Childs

Not even a retarted Helen Keller would do you -Ben Birk

Wait.. so I'm a lesbian who partakes in incest, and bestiality? -Kate Shelton

I want to go back in time and have you say "hey hitler, you're a dirty jew!" -James Golden

I could suck my own cock -Bradley Blair

Sorry, to have sex with you I need a cooter -Matt W

Ass butt! -Bradley Blair

I'm laying in his spluge spot -James Golden

I'm petting your rug -Kate Shelton

Was he hot? -Stacy
Yeah! ..I mean.. I don't know -Bradley Blair

I have balls all over my penis -Bradley Blair

Ew, we're incest lesbians -Kate Shelton

You'd make out with him and you know it -Michelle Fraser
No I wouldn't! -Bradley Blair
Yes you would! -Stacy
We'll see when the time comes -Bradley Blair

I don't blame you for wanting my penis. I want it too -Joe

What would you do if my penis was like this? -Bradley Blair

I almost crapped my pants, the poop was there man -Denee' Millering

It's been like three weeks Stacy, it's time to let Laquisha go -Ben Birk

Stacy would do her, and she's not that much of a lesbian -Mitch Armstrong

So if your kid was in the house, burning to death you'd just say "oh well" -Jessica
Why kill two people when you only need to kill one? -Matt B

It's like she's eating a black penis -Michelle Fraser

I want to touch as many random butts as I can -Kaylen Merlington

You fingered my eye ball -James Golden

Don't touch my nipples! -Phil-Himself

I just boobed you -Kelly Metzger

I like meeting the actual woohu users to see who I'm making fun of -Andy Gunneson

That kid, he dumb -Jackie Robinson

We could make out if there was a closet -Phil-Himself

Who has two thumbs and loves blowjobs? This guy! -James Golden

I just saw elephants having sex -Phil-Himself

Quit looking at me you crazy indian, I'll kill your whole tribe -Bradley Blair

I can just squint one eye and flap my arm like a'll be laughing pretty hard -Michelle Fraser

I'm chip-eye, arrrrr - Kate Shelton

My Aunt just died.. -Janice T
Wah wah wah, you whine too much, bitch -Some kid

Tie my shoes -Michelle Fraser
I can't even tie mine -Ben Birk
You don't have socks! -Michelle Fraser
Ok... -Ben Birk

I'm not counting indians because they're not people! -Mitch Armstrong

You're covered in dumbness -Brandon Haney

There was a picture of the blind girl and I was like "I bet she'll love to see that!" -Mitch Armstrong

We were gonna go to Spring Hill, but my aunt just had to go and get breast cancer -Denee' Millering

Remember when I was laying in bed naked? -Sam Hamilton

oooo, it vibrates -Kate Shelton

Suck my cock. Should I say cock or penis? -James Golden

I don't want to go there, there's too many mexicans peeing in the water -TJ

It's like a vacuum on my face -Kate Shelton

Dar dur dur dur.. - Stacy
And I'm the retard? All you need to do is start droolin' and you've got it down - Kate Shelton

I can put my hand in my hole -Neilee Metzger

Why can't we all love eachother and do drugs? -Kevin Cuppett

Lets put pigeons in our pants, because if we say there's pigeons in our pants they won't believe us -Neilee Metzger

Did that say loose sluts? -Ron

I don't want to touch her with my fingers -Neilee Metzger
Why? They have been in her vagina -Bradley Blair
hahahaha -Stacy
You're not even denying it! -Kelly Metzger

I'm fingering you -Neille Metzger

I'm not tearing my vagina -Michelle Fraser

Quit dyking! -Mitch Armstrong

Real men kiss their sisters -James Golden

Stop trying to stick things in her ass! -Bradley Blair

Come on you penis! -Brenton W

There's umm.. a nose on the floor -Erika Childs

Even the exciting parts were boring -Mitch Armstrong

Why do guys like lesbians? -Amanda something
Visual pleasure! -Brenton W

I threw that away five times! Seven times man! -Andy M

We're not gay, we're just lesbians -Erika Childs

I don't want to touch your hand -Stacy
You did last night, actually you touched more than that -Becky Visser

I'm gonna die tomorrow, my horoscope says so -My mom
Yes, mother all of the Geminis are dying tomorrow, every single one -Stacy

Is that wet or is that his nose? -Kate Shelton

Who has a parrot in their mouth? -Kevin Cuppett

That's funny like a sheep -Lisa Leonard

I want to put my sock on your antenna, like a condom -James Golden

Don't swear in front of the cat, it's too young! -Lisa Leonard

Super fish! Like fish that fly with super powers! -Kevin Cuppett

No one pees straight. Mine kinda curves to the left -James Golden

I don't care if I can't breathe -Michelle Fraser

Mom, everyone that loves you is dead -Lisa Leonard

Haha.. it says 'Good In Bed' -Lisa Leonard
And the authors name is 'Jennifer Weiner'! -Stacy Cain
Hahah.. weiner -Lisa Leonard
Weiner.. it kinda rolls off the tongue doesnt it? -Stacy Cain

Hide the money, the mexicans will take it -My mother
The Money? What about the McDonalds food? -Lisa Leonard

[Some of these Kate may have posted, so sorry for the doubles]
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06-04-04 11:53pm

there are so many we forget. we should just start tape recording ourselves.

love you

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06-05-04 1:06am


thats great. except all my quotes make me sound like a lesbian.... *ponders. eh, pretty right on. lol.

what a good year it was looking back.

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11-09-07 12:40am

Found this randomly.

Funny stuff, glad to see how smart I am. lol

Man, does this ever bring up fond memories :)

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