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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2004 at 2:08pm
Current mood: lonely

i wanna go home
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06-06-04 4:27pm

Dont go home until we hang out at least. Then if u really wanna, go ahead. Whatever make syou happy <3.

Dude we live like 20-25? min away from eachother wtf? call meh, we need to get together already!! lol. [if ur not busy i mean lol]

Luv u babii gurl <3.

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06-06-04 9:52pm

yEh BrI i WaNt U t0 c0mE hOmE 2! BuT tRy To HaVe FuN tIlL yOu cAn LeAvE! Me KaYlA n NiCk mISs Ya N sArAh N lEe T0O ! <3 ya GiRlIe XOXKAELAXOX

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06-07-04 2:52pm

//plez dont leav//
im srry bout today// i was just hurt by wht u said(bout not wantin to see anyone)) // so yea i hope we can hang out more// davidz buzy wit melissa so im jus gonna talk to u// i hope u hav a fun time while your up here// we've missed you lotz//


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