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Angel_Bob (profile) wrote,
on 6-9-2004 at 12:55am
Subject: My angel
Back story comes first.

This kid who sat in front of me in my Japanese class is an awesome artist. Phenomenal, really.

One day he came to class with a picture he drew of Terry Bradshaw. It looked so like him that it was sort of creepy. All throughout the hour he kept lifting up the picture and saying, "What would Terry Bradshaw think about that?" or "What would Terry Bradshaw do?” It was quite an entertaining day.

So, of course, everyone is fawning over Terry Bradshaw and they start bidding for him. "I'll pay two bucks for it" "I'll pay five” And you can't tell if they're kidding or being almost serious.

So, of course, I add in, half-joking, "I'll pay twenty."

The kid turns around, looks at me like I'm crazy (which I am when it comes to money, I generally give it away to anyone) and asks if I'm serious. I shrug and say I'll bring the money the next day. He hands me the picture and I hand it to a kid who wanted it more.

He thought I was crazy and refused to take the money without drawing me something. I gave him the money the next day and wouldn't tell him what I wanted. I didn't want anything. I just wanted to be weird/nice.

So all week I'm thinking about it and I finally tell him that if he feels he has to draw me something, it'd be cool to have wings or an angel.

Periodically, he and I walked down to the art room so he could show me my angel. He was working on it as his final project.

The last day of school he gives me the angel. He states that he got an A on it.

And wow. I wish I'd given him more than 20 bucks.

There was one word at the bottom: Peace. My scanner isn't that large though so I couldn't fit it in the picture. But that's what that "p" is the beginning of. Peace.

Oh, as a warning, it'll be big. I tried to scale it down but any smaller and it would've lost its grandeur.

Oh I can't get it all lined up right so here it is in pieces. She looks so beautiful if you can see her right... Sigh sob.

Her left wing

Her (off center blah)

Her right wing (and some of her... grr)

I love her to death. I wish I could get it all scanned right. I'll try again later.

I love you all.
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06-09-04 2:56am

I put it together in paint. It's beautiful.

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06-09-04 4:39pm

That's an awesome picture Rachel. Aren't you glad he gave it to you?

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Re:, 06-09-04 4:43pm

You have no smurfing idea how glad I am. I love that picture to death. I lurve hims. He's my new best friend.

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