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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 6-9-2004 at 5:10pm
Current mood: aggravated
I think I wasted $2.

Wait. I did waste $2.
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<3, 06-11-04 7:39am

Not 2 dollars!


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yeah, 06-15-04 7:57pm

um hey, I was bored and looking at random users and for some reasons i just wanted to talk to you. i duno. um IM me sometime or somthing

s/n- Spooonzy

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06-20-04 4:05am

I love your lil monkey banner up there o.o

Love the monkey avvy too XD

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07-01-04 7:13pm

Meh, we all make mistakes, no use in complaining, right?

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