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behindmysmile (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2004 at 11:34am
Current mood: exhausted
Music: Southside --sum1 n ashanti
Its all for yoo..all of it.
Well, Dat was an interestin b day. Didnt really do much. Hung out at home all day. Then went shoppin n dinner wif Jelly. [mah step dad] The one person that i hate more than any1. Comes home early, and takes meh out. weird.. =D

Talked to the wonderful Brittany Marie like all day 2. It was nice to talk wif her again I miss her, n' all we used to say n do. Also talked wif mah babii Ali jean!! dat was fun. And funny lol. *ur still preganet* heh I luhv them both soo much. <3. Also found out sum sad stuff that chelsie thought buot meh..=( im sorry

Well thats it. For now. I finally got mah gansta pix [by da way, we knw its not really gansta lol] on here [lmfa0 arial n tiff *fifi*] Wanna see it. I knew u did =p [dont mind josh w's finga in da pix lol.]

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omfg!, 06-10-04 12:07pm

how fuckin cute! =P
I had fun talkin wif u on tha phone last night
Im not fuckin pregnant lol
I dont even look it n e more
wven tho I did yesterday hehe
I am glad u had a good birthday
I lvoe you so much!

love always

<3 ALi JeAn <3

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Re: omfg!, 06-10-04 12:33pm

oh oh guess wut?
I updated for you
not alot tho
I love you

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Re: Re: omfg!, 06-10-04 12:48pm

Thank u babes.

I'll read it in a min.

I luhv u babii gurl.


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your too cute, 06-10-04 5:34pm

Hey babers sorry your besteresterstersterst friends are fightin well i LUHV u no matter what and always remember ill be here if ya need me
LYLAS <3 ya Malissa

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