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Shinoakurei (profile) wrote,
on 6-16-2004 at 11:28am
Current mood: accomplished
Subject: I am Teh Night Stalker!

If i was a serial killer i would be Richard Ramirez.

The Night Stalker "a madman whose lust for killing and depravity equaled, if not surpassed, that of Jack the Ripper"

Over the course of a few months Richard Ramirez would go on to rape, sodomize and murder over 16 people in the Los Angles area. Viciously stabbing or shooting his victims, Ramirez would go as far as gouging out their eyes and stabbing their chests repeatedly to the point of complete mutilation. Basing his murders around satanic rituals,he would scrawl demonic pentagrams around the victims home's he would break into at random.

Kill count: 16

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07-01-04 8:00pm

That man is hideous like my friend's dad said that he had a dream about his wife having sex with jackie chan's babie.

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Re:, 07-04-04 1:52am

Okay...odd, i dont want to know...really...thats a bit much for me

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