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Sike-a-delic_Grasshopper (profile) wrote,
on 6-16-2004 at 9:01pm
Current mood: excited
Subject: I'm writing this even though no one will listen

The new Hidden Hand album comes out October 19 in the states. Mark your calenders, and start saving your moneys because you all WILL buy this album. If it's anything like the last one, you'll get to learn about a vast, worldwide conspiracy and how much Bush sucks. Yes, this is conspiracy metal. And yes, it rules. So buy it. In fact, buy several copies to leave lying around the house and scare the hell out of your parents. Especially if they're republicans.

That is all.

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06-16-04 9:11pm

Yay! Conspiracy! Yay! Anti-Bush!

I'm definitely saving my money.

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06-16-04 10:18pm

am i the only pro-bush around here? and the only republican i'm guessing too.

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Re:, 06-17-04 4:48pm

I'm pro-Bush, but I'm an Independant, I think.

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06-17-04 4:51pm

Sounds like a good listen! I'll keep on the lookout for it at Michigan's vast array of record stores- I mean, Sam Goody.

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Re:, 06-17-04 8:27pm

um, good luck with that Kyle. I'm pretty sure Sam Goody doesn't carry anything more obscure than Monster Magnet. I'll probly get it thru mail order. This town is a cultural wasteland, I'm sorry to say. Oh, and I must commend you on your willingness to listen to music that differs from your political ideology. That's cool. Ok I'm (finally) done.

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Re: Re:, 06-17-04 10:15pm

Yeah, I like to hear all the views. Although, my dad says I should stop because in my travels I found this and I got upset and started to hyperventilate.

I know about Sam Goody, that was a joke. I get all my music from weird CD sites.

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06-17-04 7:28pm

Conspiracy metal sounds nice, but I haven't bought music since...

...well ever, actually. And I doubt I'll begin by buying a band's album when I haven't even heard them.

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