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QueenWog (profile) wrote,
on 6-18-2004 at 10:00pm
Current mood: GREAT
Music: the Hero song from Shrek 2!!! haha
Subject: I love summer!
Summer is so great! Only during summer can one have this much fun!
So, yesterday, I saw Mrs. Darby. It was AMAZING to see her! We talked for hours! She is the best! It was sad to have to say goodbye again though... I miss her all over again. But, I souldn't dwell on the sad things or I will cry. It was just so great to see her again!
Today was awesome as well! I went to "lunch" with Louise and Nicole downtown at the Los Altos Coffee Shop where they proceeded in making fun of my eating habits! Let me eat my muffin in peace! I AM SO OVER LOUISE AND HER BIG STOMACH!!!!! Haha, good times.
Later, Louise, Shri, Kelly, Cat, and I went to go see Shrek 2. It was so cute. The rich king? ˇSí! Haha, best line in the movie. Then Kelly's crazy brother drove us home. *Lane change* Haha, be thankful we are all alive! Just kidding, it was fun! Love you guys! Have a good time in Andover, Cat!
Have fun at camp Nicole, Melissa, and Alison!!!! I promise I will write. Or at least I will try... ;) Love you all lots.
Well, off to Yellowstone for a week! I will miss you all tons! Later!
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06-19-04 6:18pm

AAAH U SAW MRS. DARBY?? WHERE?? thats sooo awesome! have a blast in yellowstone! when are u leaving? well, it duznt matter. i'll miss u!
-rachel :)

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<3, 06-20-04 12:06pm

Hmn.. I remember Yellowstone..

I saw Shrek 2 just yesterday, and Puss was the bestesterest character, lemme tell you.


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06-26-04 5:57pm

Rachel- YES I SAW HER!!!!!!! We went downtown for a Jamba Juice, I gave her a tour of our campus (she hadn't seen the finished thing since she moved), and then we went to my house and talked and looked at pictures and yearbooks and... it was just great. It was so good to see her!
Seeing as I already talked to you in person (get better!) I am obviously back from Yellowstone and I did have a blast. Thanks!
I miss you too! You have to get better soon so we can do something!!!
Other person: do I know you? well, thanks for the comment, regardless ;)

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