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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 6-23-2004 at 1:23am
Music: the astronaut-something corporate
Subject: he makes me feel beautiful
me and this boy, we're always together. it all started out as good friends. and we still are, but i think there might be more to the story now. i know there is on my part, but he makes me wonder sometimes. he looks at me like no one ever has. he'll hold my hand and play with my hair. he'll tickle me or slip his arms around my waist or shoulders. we disagree with eachother and fight in a way that reminds me of an old married couple. i'm not entirely sure why we do it, we're never actually mad at eachother, just have no problem arguing. he always smells like cigarette smoke with a hint of calogne mixed in. a scent i always take home with me. his musical taste is beautiful, which has made us official concert buddies. he's kind of awkward and says his s's funny, but in an adorable, cute way. if we're not together, i find myself constantly wondering what he's up to, if he's thought about me that day. he has the ability to make me feel happy and carefree. but he also drives me absolutely crazy sometimes and i wonder why i put up with it. and then i remember it's because i'm absolutely crazy about him.
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06-23-04 5:47pm

who is this boy?

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Re:, 06-23-04 6:10pm

his name's joe. i may have told you about him before. he's the one i was supposed to see ani with, but he got a ticket and his court date ended up on that day. when are you coming to stl?

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