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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 6-23-2004 at 8:29pm
Subject: hella good mood!!
hella.. i just sed that to liz and she started flippin out.. "hella, i love that word!!" lol.. iunno i just started sayin it todaii and iunno where i got it.. hmm.. i love lil miss moore and she has an icon that says i love kayla.. and i hope she keeps it for awhile!! b/c we have a promise and we cant break it! calli. we should promise our promise!! lol. chris is **** lol. i luv ya n all the kiddies who somehow get mah journal (?????) lol
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06-23-04 8:36pm

lol ill keep it n i promise to keep my promise do you??>

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