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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 6-24-2004 at 7:05pm
Current mood: excited
Music: `* shweetest thang *
The funny thing is, you think your the lucky one
`Hey beautifulz =]
im sittin here watchin the shweetest thing with K*a*E*l*A & S-A-R-A-H <-- l0ve y0uz.. hMmMmz..
i went to nicks at lyk 5:30 .. n we watched this really cute movie.. TOP SECRET CLEARENCE BADGE!! l .. nd we just hung out at his house till like 10:30 n then they drove me home.. =] i love him lotz...

wednesday -me n jillys 2 years !
i went to james's house n we went to the movies n saw dodgeball n thats b0ut it.. came h0me n kaela n sarah came 0ver & spent the night...

sarah n kaela were g0nna g0 t0 sunsplash n i was g0nna g0 t0 nicks but sunsplash was full and nicks m0m sed n0 s0 we jus stayed here n did NOTHING !! aggain

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06-24-04 10:06pm

Sounds like fun
fun fun!! =) heh
I luhv you xox

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Re:, 06-24-04 10:54pm

thx =]
x0x bri x0x

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06-26-04 6:15pm

your icon picture is really cute.

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Re:, 06-27-04 1:25pm

aww thx =] s0o is y0urz <33

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