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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2004 at 11:52pm
Subject: dear dairy
dear dairy carmichael and i have been going out since the 23 of june, im really happy with him, all i ever wanted was to be with a guy i love and who loves me, kaya was like that but some how i knew it wouldn't last, u know y..... because to tell you the truth, it wasn't the trip at all that scraed me, it was me, i was scaring my self, i scraed my self so much that i couldn't stand having that relation ship with him anymore, that i guess caused him pain, and im sry for that, i apolagize, im sorry kaya plz for give me, but plz understand that that relation ship couldn't last for ever. When i was at camp i learned a very inportant lesson, you see the more you go out with someone, you give them apart of you, and if u keep going out with another guy/girl then when u fianly have someone to love and to be with, u have nothing more to give. The guys i used to go out with, i liked them alot, but not loved, carmichael i love and to bad i didn't relize that befor going through somany guys to get to him. Carmichael and i plan to get married when we turn 18 if I.F. be if were still together, becase im starting to get what love means, not just to make out and shit, but some one u can relly be happy with, and care for and want to spend the rest of your life with, i may be getting a head of my self there but, thats what me and carmichael want, thats what i long for. i love carmchael and he loves me, be happy for us. I also love my friends kamaile nadia sam reggie tiana kenna mason michael, little nick christan (u don;t know him) catilin briana ian and many more right now muh family muh friends and muh boi friend is all i care about........ and of cores school
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