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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2004 at 9:03pm
Jesus no one talks in this community...ever since people have had to pay for their journals there aren't any communities left...if anyone knows of any still up and running please lemme know. Also, if anyone is good with journal and website layouts please contact me.
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07-04-04 1:31am

I think this community is still running. Its just slow.

And when I mad this community is more of a place for you to say sorry to who ever or whatever you needed to. Like confessions.

But if you really wanted people to talk more, why dont you come up with some talkable subjects (if that makes sense) that people would be more than willing to comment on or whatever.

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Re:, 07-04-04 2:44am

I just realized that the second part may make no sense.

What I meant to say:
And when I made this community it was more of a place for people to say sorry to whomever or whatever they needed to. Like confessions, I guess.

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Re: Re:, 07-05-04 6:27pm

oh ic

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