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SnOwFlAkEa4 (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2004 at 9:52pm
People like you becuase you're a sweetheart!
What attracts people to you?

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yea, 07-06-04 6:34pm

Hey lisa yea thats true but lately it seems like its not true that u dont really seem to care about some of your friends to busy thinking about mark and hanging otu with your new friends but i still luv ya lots bye bye....

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Re: yea, 07-12-04 12:34pm

she doesnt always think about him- and maybe she hangs out with her "new friends" she is allowed to hang out with anyone she wants to. but you dont know that becuz you dont leave ur name so she cant tell ya ne thing. i been friends with her for years and we hang out because i call her she calls me and i go to her house and she comes here, maybe you should do that to lisa has a lot of friends and she cant be makin plans she works n is starting to do school work now- shes a dancer and does alot of shows shes BUSY! and she doesnt have time for all play so grow up and credit her for her work


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