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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 7-4-2004 at 4:20pm
Current mood: allergic
Music: people talking
Subject: Happy 4th of Jooliiie!!!!
Merry day of independence! I could go off about the irony of that, but I choose not to. :-)

Yesterday I took my driving test. It was funny. Mr. Ekert totally cut Annie massive amounts of un-Mr. Ekertish. First, she could not remember her birthdate due to nerves. She forgot to signal 2 right turns and ran a yellow light instead of stopping. She did not SMOG, either. Mr. Ekert missed one of her not singalling and not smoging. She totally should have failed :-p. I thought I ran over the curb on a sharp turn (Automatic fail), but I just tapped it. Whew. I ended with 16 on the district and 6 on the state. 7 was successful. Therefore, I had a pass with a point to spare. Weeeeee!!!

Today I went to the parade. It was rainign through out pretty much the entire thing. The baton twirlers and the Republican float things equally sucked. They were terrible. I wanted to kick the stupid elephant. Stupid thing. I liked the Footloose (being put on this sumemr by Summer Musicale! I wanna see!), and karaoke (sp? O_o) flots most. Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton-eye Joe? Most hick song I know, yet I completely love it.....
After that we went to the park and had lunch with the Set-Free people. Tonight Mishelle's. My hair shall be sacraficed. And now I have to take out the puppy. BOO. stupid dog. :-/
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07-04-04 9:20pm

Which street did you watch the parade from, because our band only marched the second half... it sucks with shorts and a tee to march...

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Re:, 07-05-04 2:05am

6th and something...right in front of my mom's work. If I remember right, it was the very beginning of it all. I saw the Patriot Marching Band....

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