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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 7-4-2004 at 9:16pm
omg last nite was so freeken FUN, i slept over at kamailes house and we went to the bon dance and we saw briana and haley there, then we saw Airron stoner dude got busted for bring weed to srm, but we were all hanging out and we went back to kamailes house and we were all like dancing and stuff i dirty danced wit airron he's pretty good we were all having a relly good time, it's not considered cheating on carmichael if you never relly did anything with a nother guy like macing rite? rite, so that nite was not considered cheating. laters
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08-21-04 2:11pm

it is tech. cheating, if u were dirty dancing wid another dude, and u spell making.. w/ a K not a C

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