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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 7-5-2004 at 10:32am
Current mood: confused
Music: brit - everytime
Subject: maybe its a male thing??
Well yesterday damian was on the computer and i came in for snugles and such like. He was chatting to one of his mates at the time. I read on the screen 'out lass's parents chucked her out for a while untill she we got back together' and then damian quickly told me to pack in reading what was written. I thought, yish i must have read it wrong so i asked him what it was about and got shooed out of the room. So i toddled off into the living room and told ellie about it, she called him 'a big moose' and i thought nothing more of it.
When i was in the car taking damian home ellen read the chat loggs (as she regularly does) and found that i hadnt read it fecking wrong at all.
This is roughly what he wrote 'our lass' parents disowned her for a few weeks whe she cheated on me but they let her move back in when we got back together'.
what the fucking hell??
Its simmilar to the time ellie found hed been telling people online that she'd flashed her boobs at him cause he fancied him and i found out the other week from ginger martin that he'd told him that he'd slept with her.
Okay ellen really shouldnt read his chat logs, but its not like she can distunguish between his and mine and shes more than welcome to read mine.
I find it utterly ironic that he harps on about lies etc and hes fucking pathalogical.
I dont understand why he would lie about that though.
I really dont know what to do about this. Its getting like it used to be...
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07-05-04 5:59am

i said that to comfort a friend when he was upset but as far as ellen is concerned i aint said shit all about shagging her to anyone, i am going to find out why martin said that then im gonna fucking kill him.

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Re:, 07-05-04 6:13am

Think about it babes, youve harped about shagging one of your other girlfriends sisters before. He may have got his wires crossed just when he said 'im glad youre still together, i thought you would have finished it after he slept with your sister' i isntantly thought of the chat log that ellen showed me when you were living here (Which you still havent come up with an explanation for). Which of course i know none of it is true, more through trust and belief in ellen than anything. I just dont understand why you would say something liek that.

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