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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2004 at 12:01am
crying. no idea why.

ive been thinking so hard.

about everything.

and all the thoughts= the tears rolling down my cheeks.

i cant remember the last time you cared about ne thing.

the last time you allowed yourself to be seen.

listenin to trapt now.

emo is mine.

all mine.

chris is gonna call me and make me feel better.

just pray it works.

all im thinking about is making my stomach curl.

and im thinking about just so much. that it would be impossible to type it all.

and all my thoughts change so fast.

everything from kayla velente.

to brittany.

and everything happening with chris and calli.

and bailey.

and mia.

everything is my fault.

nothing would have happened with mia if it werent for me.

everything would have been ok, if i hadnt come along.

i cant escape walking down these halls.

have to find a place where there are no walls.

definitly an emo girl.


and i love all my friends.

but all of their wrongs.

have something to do with me.



and as for you,

your wasting your time reading it.

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07-06-04 11:17pm

hey kayla its ka[e]la ... im srry bout w.e it is that happened but im sure that it wasent at all ur fault ... d0nt blame urself. cuz from the sound of it ur feeling guilty about sumthing mia did... n i kno u w0ulnt try t0 cause n e thing negitive to a friend s0o cheer up =D i luv ya kidd0!

<3 x`kae`0

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07-07-04 2:20pm

kayla.. i know you wanna make me feel better. but. lol. dude. j/p calli it's all yours. but kayla, you really have no idea whats goin on right now, things arent how they used to be. i love you and that comment ws so nice.. but wrong in some ways. lol. i love you babe, but, i had to delete the comment b/c it wasnt right. and calli, that comment wasnt me!.. lol. callifer we need to go to yacht club and i can do it tomorrow and dats it so call me

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