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werealljaded (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2004 at 2:17am
Current mood: contemplative
there has been so much on my mind hurts. i am sick of caring and worrying about every little damn thing. and i am sick of my heart hurting all the time because i am so stressed out. and i don't mean emotional pain, but yes, my heart kills physically ALL the time. i think i need lots of drugs. but anyways...
i am getting sick of work..i sit in a cubicle for 8 hours a day just counting down the minutes from the clock on the bottom of my computer screen until the clock reaches 9pm. today i even had to put tape over the clock to help time go by faster. i do the same thing everyday. i need some sparks. i go to work, i go hang out at the warehouse or with the warehouse people..i go home and sleep and then i do the same shit again.
i want to go away...vacation sounds nice. i want to meet my dad...i want to meet a boy who will be emo over me... i want to tell my dad/technically step dad to go fuck himself and tell myself that everything is goign to be okay. that is what i want out of life.
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i will be emo, 07-06-04 12:17pm

I will be your emo boy and write songs bout you breaking my heart.

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Re: i will be emo, 07-08-04 11:36am

haha, nate, how soon can you be down here?

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