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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-8-2004 at 12:14am
Current mood: ecstatic
Music: watching tv. Disney haha
Subject: everyday isn't like today, but today was awesome... for no reason.
last night i took everything off my desk. now... my dad needs to take out this desk from my room... right now my computer & i are sitting on the floor.. going for the japanese style of living. hehe.

anyways this morning i woke up kinda early & went to the bank for money to get to danielle for the RBF concert tickets... which means we get to go and crowd surf @ 6:15pm 2morrow. how awesome!

but when i got home, i took a shower & then talked to jonah on the phone. thats the second time u purposely hung up on me in all the time i've known u. that's very dirrrrty, master. lol. after we got off the phone, i headed to cheerleading practice...

it was good actually. hung out with juliana & then chelsea. lol chelsea & i did alotta laughing. omg lol. it says 2 steps & we are taking... one? lmao. who feels like a dolphin?! splash... whip lash? lmao. good times.

brittany picked me up from practice & we went to my house. jonahhhh called & we talked. ummm then i got ready & brittany n i went to meet up with her parents at OUTBACK for dinner since jb, mike & robert didnt wanna go with us. we came back after dinner & got some ice cream & went outside. met jb over at the pool then called travis & brett cause brittany & i saw them earlier & missed them. well they didnt answer the phone. fuckers. lol. so we went to the gas station & got a drink & the stupid guy gave us these nasty candy things, so when we got home, i took them and started bangin' on frank's car with them... hope i didnt make any dents lol. then mike & jb & frank & me & brittany talked... but we got bit up by mosquiters so we all left & went home.

i got in & talked to danielle, neil, jonah, brittany, & camilo online. gotta call from travis while i was just sitting here. then brett wanted to talk to me, so i talked to him & then back & forth the phone went. i guess travis is calling me when he gets home from work? and brett called me back... they wanted to come knock on my window... & moon me but uh... i told them they were wasting their time lol. i miss them... 6th with them haha. but uh... since they didn't stop by tonight to say, "hey" after not seeing each other in awhile, brett wants to come say hey 2morrow... during the day. i guess thats what he's gonna do. which is cool, cause i have nothing to do in the daytime but wait for the night to come & crowd surf with the awesomest people.

but for now, i'mma head out... i typed enough on this journal. i loved today. its the best feeling for some reason
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07-08-04 2:31am

:) i*m glad yoo*re in a good mood!

xoxo <3

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07-08-04 1:08pm

glad you're day was wonderful. that's how everyday should be.

crowd surfing 101 here we come!


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