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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 7-15-2004 at 10:53am
Subject: Yesterday......
Well, yesterday was interesting. I was at the golf course with my dad when somebody said there is a crazy guy out in the fields and woods on Wiersma road. I was like whoa, cause i live there. I guess earlier he beat up this 60 year old man and took his money. Then went to Scott Cook's house cause they are friends. Well Scott lives 5 houses east of my house. And i guess the cops were called on him and they were out there lookin for him. I mean alot of cops. County, State, helicopters, news crews, FBI agents and the dogs were out too. I went down simmons to go home at about 8pm and the cops had the road blocked off. Nobody could go down the road. So i sat there waiting to go home for about 2 hours. It was scary cause all my doors to my house were unlocked. I would always ask the state cop blocking the road whats going on and where is he headed and everything. At one point he told me he was behind Scott Cook's house and was heading west. Which would put him right around the back of my house. The wierd thing about all this is my dad is friends with this guy. His name was Adam Bauer. My parents used to work with him about 15 years ago at a factory called Wolverine. He's also a customer at my parents store. My dad is kinda shocked about it all cause Adam wouldn't hurt anybody. I've met him a few times and he's a nice guy. So why he beat the shit out of that old guy is beyond me. But anyways......that was my day.

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07-15-04 11:30am

Crazy, wasn't it? I couldn't get home because of the cops so I called my mom and I guess the guy was hiding in our woods in one of the gun blinds, heh.

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07-26-04 9:22pm

HAY KEVIN! call me when you get a chance!

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