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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 7-24-2004 at 7:28am
Music: The Cure - Us or Them
Subject: Haha..
I suggest you all to see Napoleon Dynamite.

It's just too great to miss.

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07-24-04 8:57am

I want to go see that movie, is it is only playing at Studio 28, cause that is what I read.

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Re:, 07-24-04 5:18pm

we saw it at star, so no.

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:D, 07-24-04 1:21pm

tru dat

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07-24-04 1:44pm

I thought the previews looked dumb, but hm... Maybe it's better than it seems.

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Re:, 07-24-04 6:41pm

It was dumb, but I'm easily entertained. You may not like it, heh.

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