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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-24-2004 at 11:44pm
Current mood: rejected
Music: la la // ashlee simpson
Subject: you make me wanna la la in the kitchen on the floor. <333
today was the last day of cheer camp. awesome fun. talked to mike this morning, n worked on stunts most of the day... um... i didn't do much of anything else. we threw mike up into a basket toss... which i have a picture of. haha. and then for lunch, karen, me, brittany, michelle, heather & angie decided to get some chili's for some drink stealin'. lol. umm... then, we finished up practice & i finally got home.. and packed & jackie came over then i showered n we headed to the mall. afterwards we came back & ate some food & doug called jackie. since he had nothing to do, we picked him up @ taco bell... after jackie wanted to repeatedly take left's lol. umm... so we all came to my house... jackie hit doug in the eye with a marker & we laughed at dead baby jokes... which was filthy. doug beat me up with my pillows... & ummm we just had fun talking. but yeah... that was my night, they just left like around 11:40 which was like 5 minutes ago. and hmmm. now i am talking to jonah, who is now going out with whitney = awwww <3 congrats. but, i need to wash up & get my rest so i can sit on the airplane for awhile. ya know... i'm not sure when i'm coming back... but i have a performance on the 7th so my dad wants to leave like... the 5th s0o we can be home on the 7th? idk but its bedtime now... and if carol gets me my dooney & burke purse, i willllllll be happy for the next... month. who needs a boyfriend if u have clothes & purses? lol <3 bye byes
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07-28-04 4:47am

"who needs a boyfriend if u have clothes & purses?"

yoo definitely have yer priorities straight ;) lol

xoxo <3

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