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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2004 at 10:58am
Music: leave (get out)-- jojo ((meh nd mias song))
Subject: i luVv mia and kayla s0o freakin much!! :-*

shitt happens. then uhh,

it fixes.....? lol.

kayla and mia are there for me!!! and they are the best friends in the whole world! haha. i wuVv them!

and bailey, everythings better, so you dont have to apologize.

lifes g0od.
for now.

til there's another ::bump:: in the road. lol.

momma pitied me again, said i could get the ashlee simpson cd. ::smiless::

i wanna go on the real world, have my perfect, beautiful roomates, house, job, hometown. and have fun

im goin on fri t0 the yacht club wif ian and kevin n justin. YAY!! pv's playing. i get a cd! lol

i wuVv mah cupcake!!

and i wuVv mah wifey britt jizz.. who is also always there for me, we have lots in common. lol. ((im still wearin our ring.. i wear it in the shower!! thats how much i luVv you!!!lol. muahz :-*

**im breaking the habit tonight**

yeh right, no your not.

gonna go listen to fuse or sunthin.

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07-26-04 11:09am

wow i haven't updated a woohu journal in forever i still remember how though you should buy the ashlee simpson cd more money for her and since her parents dont feed her she can by a meal... especially being tax-free week and all. lmao.
well your on
i love you
<3 ya! kayla

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Re:, 07-26-04 11:52am


i want some cereal.

love you!


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Re: Re:, 07-27-04 12:24pm

i love you 2.
nd i tried to be there fOr you more but you werent talking to me =/.
and you dont even say hi to me ! cuz you "thought i was josh" lol but i love you sooo much ....
Brittany Jizz

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