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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2004 at 4:57pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: Sunshine-LiL Flip
Subject: my birthday is a week from today...:D
im homeeee!!!..i just got back was definately a train ride from was delayed frickin 2 hours..almost three..i wuz reason was "train traffic" week in tampa was greattt..the grandparents were fun to hang out with..they spoiled my fault tho..we went out to eat alot..chili's, bennigan's..some italian place with the best food glad to be back home tho..i missed my roxy..i saw the notebook on saturday!!..that was the best movie..yea i was saddd..i saw spiderman 2..i really wanna see catwoman..that looks hott..and i wanna see the bourne supremacy..and i wanna see i so many movies out now..i wanna see em get boredd..i just finished mom bought me a new pair of KSwiss..and she bought me new clothes..cute stuff..i wouldnt normally wear the tops she bought me..but i like them..there so ready to go back to school wanna go to sawgrass..if u wanna come with me..hit me up so we can figure something out..x0x0
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07-26-04 6:04pm

:: waves hands in the air :: o0 o0 pick meee..i wuna go to so0 gladd ur home !!! x0o

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welcome back kaila!!, 07-26-04 11:41pm

i wanna go shopping with you! but i leave on i dunno :(. me and amara wanna go shopping tomorrow(dunno where) i'll give you a call. x0x0.

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