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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2004 at 9:58pm
Current mood: lonely
Music: perfect circle
Subject: perspective
before, i never wanted to do anything, i wanted to stay inside all day, you had to drag me out cuz i just didn't want to do anything, unless of course you were someone who i was trying to fool i was ok. no that i want to go out and do stuff, there's noone here. if jorie is busy i can't go to the city. her friends are cool and all but there not really welcome o new people. it's their group and they don't want to change it. i've lost all my "bad" friends which is good. but now i don't really have anything left. that's what is making me down today. i only babysat till 8:30 today cuz their grandparents are in town.

there's noone online to talk to either. right now there's people but not realy people who i can tlak to. it's just like hi bye.
i don't feel like cleaning, i don't want to read cuz i have a headache, i'm just an all around complainer today.
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08-06-04 4:15pm

am sorry jen

its pretty much the same here too...

when you work...the only other person i call is neil but right now you're working and neils gone im sitting at the computer because there is nothing on tv and im bored.

i dont really have a life outside of you guys

but its okie


love you.

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