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Ari-chan (profile) wrote,
on 7-31-2004 at 4:31pm
Current mood: artistic
Music: Gackt- "Mizerable"
Mmmmm... Gackt... *swoon*

Photoshopping today ^_^ Working on this:

Screenshot of it in Preview

Shakespeare class ended ;_; But it was fun ^_^ Now we have scary Republicans in the house, from Florida. But they brought CDs of the Beatles' original BBC sessions, so all is good ^_^

Working on a new GW fic and part two of the Songfic Arc. Will post when finished.

And a movie that should be rented, if only for laughs: the Trevor Nunn version of Twelfth Night. It's hilariously funny and pretty bad, although the actress that plays Viola is really good, I think. Rent it. But read the play first. *Then* watch it. If nothing else, it's good for a laugh.

Must go and get paper and mail now. Dad rented Casablanca from Netflix, can't think why. *shrug* Ah well...
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