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Ari-chan (profile) wrote,
on 8-2-2004 at 12:41am
Current mood: bouncy
Music: Toshihiko Seki- "Wild Wing Boys"
*mutters* The Princess Bride is on tonight, and we don't get the channel... *sob* I wanna see that movie... Oh well, maybe I can rent it...

See the new icon? Lovely icon ^_^ Found it while reading someone's LJ ^_^ Funny, eh? Heh

Reeeeaaaaadddd 'Tis lovely, lovely tiepr0n smut. ^_^ Lurve it ^_^ *does the happy smut dance* ^_^

Also v. good Beatles+Remus+Sirius+small angst+lovely writing+bed= happyhappyfuntime ^_^ *dances*
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