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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 8-3-2004 at 10:44pm
Music: let it burnn -- usher.. n0w j0j0..
IM tWistEd CUz ONe SIde Of mE Is tELlIN Me tHAt I NeeED tO MOVe On, ON tHE oTHer SidE I wAnNa bReAk dOwN nD Cry...

uhm.. went to practice t0day. OUR 30 MINUTE PRACTICE.

meh nd bailey nd tw0 0ther girls are switchin t0 the dazzlers.

we kn0w christina, ((roberts sister)) nd cora nd stevi nd the c0ach ((roberts m0m))

5 dayz til sch0ol starts.. havnt d0ne ne thing.

g0t adi0s nd dickies bag. h0llister pants ((very sexyyyy--lacey)) nd a hollister shirt.

calli.. glad we're better.. b/c ya know, we did promise wif 0ur *pr0mise* lma0.. chris is still **** riiight?

ima turn in f0r the night.. leave summmmm


*((havnt used that one in awhile!!))*
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