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crazydimbohead (profile) wrote,
on 8-5-2004 at 4:17pm
Current mood: hungry
mmm i love corndogs :D they are yummy.. yummy in my tummy.. haha.. so anyways.. kacey has been gone for a week:( i still got a week left.. *tear* but im handling it well.. i thought i'd be sad and stuff and ya know.. well i havent been.. im just like he'll come back :) a few nights ago i was having trouble believing that he loved me i kept asking ppl that knew him and me.. and stuff.. and they thought i was crazy for askin.. but ya know.. i know he loves me.. and i dont think he will do anything stupid down in florida to screw up the relationship.. i havent yet and i dont plan on it.. yesterday i went to the city.. to school shop for clothes.. i love them all :D they rock! i got 2 pairs of shoes.. vans and converse.. they rule! anyways.. yeah.. i miss kacey.. and im still hungry.. i stopped eating to write in here.. so now im gonna finish eatin.. lol byeee
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08-17-04 6:44pm

Mest rules. You rock. End of story.

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